Welcome to the official website of Garrett Calcaterra, author of the YA fantasy series The Dreamwielder Chronicles and other works of dark speculative fiction.

The Dreamwielder Prequel
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44 years before the dreamwielder was ever born, a young sorcerer saved a boy who became an emperor... 

The shape-changing sorcerer Wulfram flees his war-ravaged homeland to track down the new heir of the Sargothian throne: Prince Thedric Guderian. Wulfram discovers the prince in Khail Sanctu, the heart of the Old World, but quickly realizes it will be no easy matter to return him to the Five Kingdoms and restore order. Although still a boy, Prince Guderian has much potential in him, and people of power have have already tried to sway him to their own ends. When a wizened seer tells the prince he will one day become Emperor of the North, he accepts the help of Wulfram, but to what end and what purpose?


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Event Calendar


Book Signing

Book Carnival, 348 S. Tustin Street, Orange, CA

Garrett Calcaterra and steampunk legend James P. Blaylock will be signing books and chatting with readers at the wonderful Book Carnival in Orange.



SF/F Writing Workshop

 —  —

Manor Library, San Leandro, CA

Garrett Calcaterra will be teaching a free science fiction and fantasy writing workshop for children and young adults, ages 8 and up.


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